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MSJ Seki Takakazu Prize

Takakazu Seki ( ?--1708) was the founder of the “Seki style mathematics”. He developed unique Japanese mathematics during the period when Japan closed its borders to outsiders and was isolated from the rest of the world. The MSJ awards the Seki Takakazu Prize to the individuals or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the progress of mathematics through non-research activities. Fujioka City, which is associated with Seki, bestows certificates of merit and bronze statues of Seki to the winners of this prize.

●Winners of the Prize (from left hand side)
1995 Mr. Toyosaburo TANIGUCHI
1996 Prof.F.Hirzebruch
2006 The Japan-U.S. Mathematics Institute
2007 Institut des Hautes études Scientifiques
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