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 Coming Issues

  Schubert Calculus --- Osaka 2012

Edited by H. Naruse, T. Ikeda, M. Masuda and T. Tanisaki



This volume is the proceedings of the 5th MSJ Seasonal Institute "Schubert Calculus" held at Osaka City University, September 17th--27th, 2012. It is recommended for all researchers and graduate students who are interested in Schubert calculus and its many connections and applications to related areas of mathematics, such as geometric representation theory, combinatorial aspects of algebraic varieties arising in Lie theory, and equivariant topology. Alain Lascoux, who is one of the pioneers of modern Schubert calculus, and a contributor of this volume, passed away during the time of editing process of the proceedings. The volume is dedicated to him.
  Minimal Models and Extremal Rays (Kyoto, 2011)

Edited by J. Kollár, O. Fujino, S. Mukai and N. Nakayama



Since the appearance of extremal rays and the minimal model program around 1980, we have seen the tremendous development of Algebraic Geometry. With this in mind, the conference "Minimal Models and Extremal Rays" was held at RIMS Kyoto University in June 2011. The purpose was to review the past, examine the present and enjoy discussing the future. This volume is the outcome of this conference and consists of one survey article on the mathematical work of Professor Shigefumi Mori, who turned sixty in 2011, and thirteen research papers given by the authors: L. Ein--S. Ishii--M. Mustaţă, J. Kollár, S. Kovács--K. Schwede, D. Greb--S. Kebekus--T. Peternell, H. Kawanoue--K. Matsuki, A-S. Kaloghiros--A. Küronya--V. Lazić, J-M. Hwang--K. Oguiso, M. Lehn--Y. Namikawa--Ch. Sorger--D. van Straten, O. Fujino, J. Chen, C. Hacon--C. Xu, S. Mukai, Y. Prokhorov--M. Reid.
  Development of Moduli Theory --- Kyoto 2013

Edited by O. Fujino, S. Kondô, A. Moriwaki, M.-H. Saito and K. Yoshioka



The present volume is the proceedings of the meeting "Development of Moduli theory" which was held as the Seasonal Institute 2013 (The 6th MSJ-SI), the Mathematical Society of Japan and the 2013 Research Project of Research Institute of Mathematical Science, Kyoto University. This volume is dedicated to Professor Shigeru Mukai on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday. The volume consists of five survey articles and eight research articles given by the authors: I. Dolgachev, E. Looijenga, N. Mestrano--C. Simpson, H. Nakajima, I. Nakamura, V. Alexeev, M. Aprodu--G. Farkas--A. Ortega, I. Ciocan-Fontanine--B. Kim, B. Hassett--A. Kresch--Y. Tschinkel, D. Huybrechts, J.H. Keum, V. Nikulin, K. Yoshioka.

  School on Real and Complex Singularities in São Carlos, 2012

Edited by R. N. Araújo dos Santos, V. H. Jorge Pérez, O. Saeki and T. Nishimura



This volume is a collection of 6 lecture notes presented at the School on Singularity Theory, São Carlos, Brazil, July 16-21, 2012, or at the 12th International Workshop on Real and Complex Singularities, São Carlos, Brazil, July 22-27, 2012.
Topics treated in the 6 lecture notes written by established authors cover, reflecting authors' expertise, a wide range including Topology and Geometry of real singularities, Singularities of holomorphic map-germs, Singularities of complex algebraic sets, Algorithms of the computer algebra "SINGULAR", Singularities of maps and characteristic classes, Limit cycles of systems of ordinary differential equations.
Each lecture note is extremely well-written with plentiful examples and may be considered as one of the most excellent readings in the relevant topic. This book is suitable for being kept at one's desk-side and widely recommended for graduate students studying singularity theory, and researchers in various fields who would like to enjoy the world of singularities.

  Variational Methods for Evolving Objects

Edited by L. Ambrosio, Y. Giga, P. Rybka and Y. Tonegawa



This volume consists of eight original survey papers written by invited lecturers in connection with a conference “Variational Methods for Evolving Objects” held at Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, July 30--August 3, 2012. The topics of papers vary widely from problems in image processing to dynamics of topological defects, and all involve some nonlinear phenomena of current major research interests. These papers are carefully prepared so that they serve as a good starting point of investigation for graduate students and new comers to the field and are strongly recommended.

  Singularities in Geometry and Topology 2011

Edited by V. Blanlœil and O. Saeki



This book collects original and survey papers on Singularities in Geometry and Topology, which resulted from the 6th Franco--Japanese Symposium on Singularities, held in Fukuoka, during September 5--10, 2011. Though singularity theory was born in the XIXth century, this field of research became more popular in France after Prof. Heisuke Hironaka came to Paris. Then, a lot of collaborations between Japanese and French mathematicians started, and the conferences on Singularities in Geometry and Topology continue to develop this collaboration between France and Japan. This volume consists of 2 survey articles and 12 research articles, whose topics include algebraic curves and varieties, line arrangements, mixed polynomials, algebraic local cohomology classes, stable maps, and mirror symmetry. This book is recommended to any researcher or graduate student interested in singularity theory.

  Algebraic Geometry in East Asia --- Taipei 2011

Edited by J. A. Chen, M. Chen, Y. Kawamata and J. Keum



Algebraic geometry in a traditional and fast developing research area in east Asia. There were many world leading algebraic geometers and there are remarkably increasing active mathematicians in the related area in the East Asia area including China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. The purpose of the conference series “Algebraic Geometry in East Asia” is to provide a platform for algebraic geometers in or closely related to East Asia. This volume is the proceeding of the conference “Algebraic Geometry in East Asia, Taipei” which was held in November of 2011 in NCTS at Taipei. It contains two survey articles together with nine research articles. It provides the up-to-date advances of the research of algebraic geometry in East Asia.

  Nonlinear Dynamics in Partial Differential Equations

Edited by S.-I. Ei, S. Kawashima, M. Kimura and T. Mizumachi



This volume grew out from the 4th MSJ-SI international conference "NONLINEAR DYNAMICS IN PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS" held at Kyushu University, Kyushu, Japan, September 12th--21st, 2011. It consists of more than fifty peer-reviewed articles which are survey and research papers by participants of the conference. Nonlinear partial differential equations describing nonlinear dynamics are indispensable objects in many fields including technology and social science. This book covers recent mathematical theories and techniques to analyze such nonlinear partial differential equations. The book is recommended to any researcher or graduate student who is interested in them.

  Galois--Teichmüller Theory and Arithmetic Geometry

Edited by H. Nakamura, F. Pop, L. Schneps and A. Tamagawa



From the 1980's, Grothendieck's "Esquisse d'un Programme" triggered tremendous developments in number theory and arithmetic geometry, extending from the studies of anabelian geometry and related Galois representations to those of polylogarithms and multiple zeta values, motives, rational points on arithmetic varieties, and effectiveness questions in arithmetic geometry. The present volume collects twenty-four articles written by speakers (and their coauthors) of two international meetings focused on the above themes held in Kyoto in October 2010. It includes both survey ariticles and research papers which provide useful information about this area of investigation.

  Arrangements of Hyperplanes---Sapporo 2009

Edited by H. Terao and S. Yuzvinsky



This book is the proceedings of the conference "Arrangements of Hyperplanes" held in August 2009 as the 2nd MSJ-SI (Mathematical Society of Japan-Seasonal Institute.) The modern study of arrangements of hyperplanes started in early 1980s. Since the object to study is simple (just a finite set of hyperplanes), there are various mathematical approaches to arrangements including algebra, topology, combinatorics, singularities, integral systems, hypergeometric functions and statistics. Since numerous world-leading experts gave talks in the 2nd MSJ-SI, this book covers many pioneering approaches and new topics in the theory of arrangements as well as indispensable classical results. The book is recommended to any researcher or graduate student who is interested in arrangements of hyerplanes.

  Exploring New Structures and Natural Constructions in Mathematical Physics

Edited by K. Hasegawa, T. Hayashi, S. Hosono and Y. Yamada



In 2007, Professor Akihiro Tsuchiya of Nagoya University reached the retirement age of sixty-three. He has played a significant role in mathematical physics over the decades, most particularly in the foundation of conformal field theory, which was the first nontrivial example of a mathematically rigorous quantum field theory.

This volume is the proceedings of the international conference at the occasion. Included are: Conformal field theories and related topics such as solvable statistical models, representation theory of affine algebras, monodromy preserving deformations, and string theories. Readers interested in these subjects will find exciting and stimulatinginsights and questions from these articles.

  Algebraic Geometry in East Asia --- Seoul 2008

Edited by J. Keum, S. Kondō, K. Konno and K. Oguiso



The international conference "Algebraic Geometry in East Asia, III" was held at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study in Seoul, Korea in November 2008. The 21 invited lectures (including 4 lectures by Europeans and Americans) were presented at the conference.

This volume consists of 3 survey articles and 10 research articles. The papers explore a wide variety of topics, including algebraic surfaces, Fano varieties, variety of general type, bundles, Cremona groups, Mordell-Weil groups, fundamental group scheme, quantum rings.

  New Developments in Algebraic Geometry, Integrable Systems and Mirror Symmetry (RIMS, Kyoto, 2008)

Edited by M.-H. Saito, S. Hosono and K. Yoshioka



In the last two decades, many important developments and interactions in algebraic geometry and integrable systems have arisen from ideas in mirror symmetry. The conference ``New developments in Algebraic Geometry, Integrable Systems and Mirror Symmetry'' was held at RIMS, Kyoto University on January 7--11, 2008, to explore recent developments and interactions in various mathematical fields, such as algebraic geometry, integrable systems, Gromov-Witten theory and symplectic geometry, and in particular to explore the developments and interactions coming from ideas in mirror symmetry. This volume is the outcome of that conference, and consists of twelve contributed papers by invited speakers. Readers will find, within this volume, beneficial expositions on various aspects and interesting interactions in these mathematical fields.

  Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures of Moduli Spaces
(Sapporo 2007)

Edited by I. Nakamura and L. Weng



The conference "Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures of Moduli Spaces" was held in September 2007, at Sapporo (Hokkaido university). Twenty talks were delivered by invited speakers on arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry and complex geometry. This volume is the proceedings of the conference, to be exact, a collection of eleven papers contributed by some of the speakers which have undergone rigorous refereeing. The topics that are discussed in the articles are diverse in nature such as class field theory, zeta functions, moduli of arithmetic vector bundles, moduli of complex vector bundles, moduli of abelian varieties and theory of display, moduli of Fermat varieties and some topics on cubic threefolds. Among others, the papers of Pappas-Rapoport, Rajan and Weng address many new interesting questions in the related fields, which seem to be worthy of reading for young researchers.

  Probabilistic Approach to Geometry

Edited by M. Kotani, M. Hino and T. Kumagai



The first Seasonal Institute of the Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ-SI) "Probabilistic Approach to Geometry" was held at Kyoto University, Japan, on 28th July 2008 -- 8th August, 2008. The conference aimed to make interactions between Geometry and Probability Theory and seek for new directions of those research areas. This volume contains the proceedings, selected research articles based on the talks, including survey articles on random groups, rough paths, and heat kernels by the survey lecturers in the conference. The readers will benefit of exploring in this developing research area.

  Singularities --- Niigata--Toyama 2007

Edited by J.-P. Brasselet, S. Ishii, T. Suwa and M. Vaquie



This volume constitutes the Proceedings of the Fourth Franco-Japanese Symposium on Singularities held at Toyama in August 2007 and also the Workshop on Singularities held at Niigata prior to this Symposium. Recently the research on singularities is widely expanding and is now applied in various areas in Mathematics and other sciences. Experts of singularities from many different fields are contributing their articles, mostly on original results and some surveys. The reader will benefit of knowing the vividly developing domains and will be inspired by many different approaches to singularities.

  Noncommutativity and Singularities
Proceedings of French--Japanese symposia held at IHÉS in 2006

Edited by J.-P. Bourguignon, M. Kotani, Y. Maeda and N. Tose



The two symposia, the Hayashibara Forum and the MSJ/IHÉS jonint workshop, were held at the Institute des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHÉS) in November, 2006. The Hayashibara Forum focused on singularity theory, which has been one of the research areas that has over the yeras been wewll represented at IHÉS. The MSJ/IHÉS Joint workshop, focused on the broad area of noncommutativity, with an emphasis on noncommutative geometry as one of the fundamental themes of 21st century mathematics. This volume contains papers presented at the symposia in the form of invited lectures and contributing talks by young researcherers. We belive that the scope of this volume well reflects a new development for singularity theory, and a new direction in mathematics through noncommutativity. This volume are aimed to inspire not only the specialists in these fields but also a wider audience of mathematicians.

  Algebraic Analysis and Around
in honor of Professor Masaki Kashiwara's 60th birthday

Edited by T. Miwa, A. Matsuo, T. Nakashima and Y. Saito



The present volume is the proceedings of the conference "Algebraic Analysis and Around", in honor of Professor Masaki Kashiwara's 60th birthday, held in Kyoto in June, 2007. Most of the papers contributed in this volume are based on the talks given in the conference, and the subjects discussed here contain -modules, micro-local analysis, representation theory, integrable systems, to which Kashiwara's contribution and influence are really profound. The readers may find groundbreaking materials for the future in mathematics.

  Advances in Discrete Dynamical Systems
Edited by S. Elaydi, K. Nishimura, M. Shishikura and N. Tose



This volume contains the proceedings of talks presented at the 11th International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications (ICDEA 2006). It will be titled "International conference on Advances in discrete dynamical systems". ICDEA 2006 was held on July 2006 in Kyoto at the 15th MSJ International Research Institute.
These proceedings comprise new results at the leading edge of many areas in difference equations and discrete dynamical systems and their various applications to the sciences, engineering, physics, and economics.

  Groups of Diffeomorphisms
in honor of Shigeyuki Morita on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Edited by R. Penner, D. Kotschick, T. Tsuboi, N. Kawazumi,
T. Kitano and Y. Mitsumatsu



This volume consists of selected paper on recent trends and results in the study of various groups of diffeomorphisms, including mapping class groups, from the point of view of algebraic and differential topology, as well as dynamical ones involving foliations and symplectic or contact diffeomorphisms. Most of the authors were invited speakers or participants of the International Symposium on Groups of Diffeomorphisms 2006, which was held at the University of Tokyo (Komaba) in September 2006. This volume is dedicated to Professor Shigeyuki Morita on the occasion of his 60th anniversary. We believe that the scope of this volume well reflects Shigeyuki Morita's mathematical interests. We hope this volume to inspire not only the specialists in these fields but also a wider audience of mathematicians.

  Surveys on Geometry and Integrable Systems
Edited by M. Guest, R. Miyaoka and Y. Ohnita



The articles in this volume provide a panoramic view of the role of geometry in integrable systems, firmly rooted in surface theory but currently branching out in all directions. The longer articles by Bobenko (the Bonnet problem), Dorfmeister (the generalized Weierstrass representation), Joyce (special Lagrangian 3-folds) and Terng (geometry of soliton equations) are substantial surveys of several aspects of the subject. The shorter ones indicate more briefly how the classical ideas have spread throughout differential geometry, symplectic geometry, algebraic geometry, and theoretical physics.

Vol.10 (Reprint Version)
  Algebraic Geometry, Sendai, 1985
Edited by T. Oda



Reflecting the excitement on the way to constructing higher-dimensional birational geometry, this volume contains articles of extremely high quality and of historical importance. There are several landmark research papers. Examples are: Bando-Mabuchi, Uniqueness of Einstein-Kähler metrics ... in Kähler geometry; Fujiki, On the de Rham cohomology group ... in holomorphic symplectic geometry; Fujita, On polarized manifolds ... in projective geometry; Miyaoka, The Chern classes ... in toplogy of minimal varieties. You will find excellent survey articles as well. The best example in this category would be Kawamata-Matsuda-Matsuki, Introduction to the minimal model problem, a standard reference in birational geometry, known as KMM among experts.

Vol.2 (Reprint Version)
  Galois Groups and their Representations
Edited by Y. Ihara



This is the Proceedings of the Symposium ``Galois groups and their Representations" held at Nagoya University in December, 1981. The program centered around the structure of the Galois groups of local or global fields including higher dimensional fields, arithmetic geometry and automorphic forms. This Volume contains original, survey or expository papers in these areas, by K. Kato, T. Kubota, K. Komatsu, H. Miki, S. Nakajima, T. Oda, M. Ohta, S. Saito, K. Uchida, and Y. Ihara (the chief editor of the Volume).

  Algebraic Geometry in East Asia --- Hanoi 2005
Edited by K. Konno and V. Nguyen-Khac



This volume is the outcome of the conference “Algebraic Gomety in East Asia. II” which was held at the Conference Hall (Hanoi, Vietnam) during October 10 ? October 14, 2005. It collects two survey articles and eight research articles contributed by the invited lecturers. Topics touched upon in this volume include: Zariski pairs, rational homogeneous manifolds, Kummer surfaces, singularity theory, Cremona groups, algebraic curves, dual varieties, Castelnuovo-Weil lattices and so on. The reader can not only find the current status of a variety of research topics but also enjoy the art of the subjects by leading algebraic geometers.

  Probability and Number Theory --- Kanazawa 2005
Edited by S. Akiyama, K. Matsumoto, L. Murata and H. Sugita



This volume is the Proceedings of the international conference on Probability and Number Theory held at Kanazawa, Japan, in June 2005, and includes several survey articles on probabilistic number theory, and research papers on various recent topics around the border area between probability theory and number theory. This volume is useful for all researchers and graduate students who are interested in probability theory and number theory.

  Finsler Geometry, Sapporo 2005 --- In Memory of Makoto Matsumoto
Edited by S. V. Sabau and H. Shimada



The volume contains surveys and original articles based on the talks given at the 40-th Finsler Symposium on Finsler Geometry held in the period September 9-10, 2005 at Hokkaido Tokai University, Sapporo, Japan. The Symposium's purpose was not only a meeting of the Finsler geometers from Japan and abroad, but also to commemorate the memory of the late Professor Makoto Matsumoto. The papers included in this volume contain fundamental topics of modern Riemann-Finsler geometry, interesting not only for specialists in Finsler geometry, but for researchers in Riemannian geometry or other fields of differential geometry and its applications also.

  Asymptotic Analysis and Singularities
Edited by H. Kozono, T. Ogawa, K. Tanaka, Y. Tsutsumi and E. Yanagida

Vol 47-1 Hyperbolic and dispersive PDEs and fluid mechanics
Vol 47-2 Elliptic and parabolic PDEs and related problems



This volume is the proceedings of the 14th MSJ International Research Institute "Asymptotic Analysis and Singularity", which was held at Sendai, Japan in July 2005. The proceedings contain survey papers and original research papers on nonlinear partial differential equations, dynamical systems, calculus of variations and mathematical physics.

  Singularities in Geometry and Topology 2004
Edited by J.-P. Brasselet and T. Suwa



This volume constitutes the proceedings of the third Franco-Japanesesymposium on singularities, held in Sapporo in September 2004. It contains not only research papers on the most advanced topics in the field, but also some survey articles which give broad scopes in some areas of the subject. All the articles are carefully refereed for correctness and readability.

  Moduli Spaces and Arithmetic Geometry (Kyoto, 2004)
Edited by S. Mukai, Y. Miyaoka, S. Mori, A. Moriwaki and I. Nakamura



Since its birth algebraic geometry has been closely related to and deeply motivated by number theory. Particularly the modern study of moduli spaces and arithmetic geometry have many important techniques and ideas in common. With this close relation in mind, the RIMS conference "Moduli Spaces and Arithmetic Geometry" was held at Kyoto University during September 8--15, 2004 as the 13th International Research Institute of the Mathematical Society of Japan. This volume is the outcome of this conference and consists of thirteen papers by invited speakers, including C. Soul\'e, A. Beauville and C. Faber, and participants. All papers, with two exceptions by C. Voisin and Yoshinori Namikawa, treat moduli problem and/or arithmetic geometry. Algebraic curves, Abelian varieties, algebraic vector bundles, connections and D-modules are the subjects of those moduli papers. Arakelov geometry and rigid geometry are studied in arithmetic papers. In the two exceptions, integral Hodge classes on Calabi-Yau threefolds and symplectic resolutions of nilpotent orbits are studied.

  Potential Theory in Matsue
Edited by H. Aikawa, T. Kumagai, Y. Mizuta and N. Suzuki



This volume collects, in written form, eight plenary lectures and twenty-five selected contributions from invited and contributed lectures delivered at the International Workshop on Potential Theory 2004. The workshop was held at Shimane University, Matsue, Japan, from 23 to 28 August, 2004. The topic of the workshop was Potential Theory and its related fields. There were stimulus talks from classical potential theory to pluri-potential theory and probabilistic potential theory.

  Singularity Theory and Its Applications
Edited by S. Izumiya, G. Ishikawa, H. Tokunaga, I. Shimada, T. Sano



This is the proceedings of the meeting entitled "The 12th MSJ International Research Institute of the Mathematical Society of Japan 2003'' The papers cover several important topics in Singularity theory. Especially some of them are survey on motivic integrations, Thom polynomials, complex analytic singularity theory, generic differential geometry etc.

  Complex Analysis in Several Variables -- Memorial Conference of Kiyoshi Oka's Centennial Birthday, Kyoto/Nara 2001
Edited by K. Miyajima, M. Furushima, H. Kazama, A. Kodama, J. Noguchi, T. Ohsawa, H. Tsuji and T. Ueda



This volume is a collection of thirty four research and survey papers written by the invited lecturers of ``Memorial Conference of Kiyoshi Oka's Centennial Birthday on Complex Analysis in Several Variables" which was held by Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Kyoto University during October 30 -- November 5. The topics discussed in this volume cover pseudoconvex domains, $\bar{\partial}$ analysis (including L2 theory), Bergman kernel, value distribution theory, hyperbolic manifolds, dynamical system, infinite dimensional complex analysis, algebraic analysis, CR structure, singularity theory, algebraic geometry, and others.

  Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics in Kyoto In honour of Kiyosi Itô
Edited by H. Kunita,S. Watanabe,Y. Takahashi



This volume is a collection of twenty research and survey papers written by the invited lecturers of the international symposium ``Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics" which was held by Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Kyoto University in September 2002. The symposium consisted of four sections: ``Markov Processes" chaired by M.Fukushima, ``Mathematical Finance" chaired by H.Kunita, ``Malliavin Calculus" chaired by S.Watanabe and a special session ``Perspectives in Stochastic Analysis" celebrating the ``Beiju"(88's birthday) of Professor Kiyosi Itô. The topics discussed in this volume cover quadratic Wiener functionals, representation of martingales, infinite dimensional hypoelliptic semi-group, Orlicz norm equivalence, noises associated with Harris flows, Itô's construction procedure, Stieltjes exponential, stochastic Newton equation, cubic Schr\"odinger equation, stochastic porous media equation, homogenization on fractals, risk-sensitive portfolio optimization, least square approximation, and others.

  Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups and Quantum Groups
Edited by T. Shoji,M. Kashiwara,N. Kawanaka,G. Lusztig,K. Shinoda



This volume is a collection of eighteen research and survey papers written by speakers of the international conference, The 10th Mathematical Society of Japan International Research Institute ``Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups and Quantum Groups'', held in Japan (Sophia University) in August 2001. The topics discussed in this volume cover cells in affine Weyl groups, tilting modules, tensor categories attached to cells in affine Weyl groups, representations of algebraic groups in positive characteristic, representations of Hecke algebras, Ariki-Koike and cyclotomic q-Schur algebras, cellular algebras and diagram algebras, Gelfand-Graev representations of finite reductive groups, Green functions associated to complex reflection groups, induction theorem for Springer representations, representations of Lie algebras in positive characteristic, representations of quantum affine algebras, extremal weight modules, crystal bases, tropical Robinson-Schensted-Knuth correspondence and others.

  Stochastic Analysis on Large Scale Interacting Systems
Edited by T. Funaki,H. Osada



This volume is a collection of fifteen research and survey papers written by speakers of the two international conferences which were held in Japan in July, 2002: (1) The 11th Mathematical Society of Japan International Research Institute "Stochastic Analysis on Large Scale Interacting Systems" (Shonan Village Center) and (2) "Stochastic Analysis and Statistical Mechanics" (Kyoto University). The topics discussed in this volume cover the hydrodynamic limit, fluctuations, large deviations, spectral gap (Poincar\'e inequality), logarithmic Sobolev inequality, Ornstein-Zernike asymptotics, random environments, determinantal expressions for systems including exclusion processes (stochastic lattice gas, Kawasaki dynamics), zero range processes, interacting Brownian particles, random walks, self-avoiding walks, Ginzburg-Landau model, interface models, Ising model, Widom-Rowlinson model, directed polymers, random matrices, Dyson's model and others.

  Operator Algebras and Applications
Edited by H. Kosaki



This volume is the proceedings of the US-Japan Seminar ``Operator Algebras and Applications" (June 1999, Kyushu University) jointly supported by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science and the US National Science Foundation. Contributors to the volume are leading workers in the theory of operator algebras, and they are mainly from the two countries and some others including Korea. From the articles presented here the reader can find a variety of reseach topics currently under active investigation, and the state of the art of these subjects can be found. The topics covered in the volume include: classification of C*-algebras by K-theorical data and related topics, detailed study on various classes of C*-algebras, subfactor analysis and related topics, the free probability theory and so on.

  Lie Groups, Geometric Structures and Differential Equations
--- One Hundred Years after Sophus Lie---

Edited by T. Morimoto, H. Sato and K. Yamaguchi


  Algebraic Geometry 2000, Azumino
Edited by S. Usui, M. Green, L. Illusie, E. Looijenga, S. Mukai and S. Saito


  Higher Dimensional Birational Geometry
Edited by S. Mori and Y. Miyaoka


  Minimal Surfaces, Geometric Analysis and Symplectic Geometry
Edited by K. Fukaya, S. Nishikawa and J. Spruck


  Computational Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics
Edited by T. Hibi


  Groups and Combinatorics -- in memory of Michio Suzuki
Edited by E. Bannai, H. Suzuki, H. Yamaki and T. Yoshida


  Taniguchi Conference on Mathematics Nara '98
Edited by M. Maruyama, T. Sunada


  Class Field Theory --- Its Centenary and Prospect
Edited by K. Miyake


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