The Mathematical Society of Japan
Publishing Committee

We have so far made the largest effort to digitize mathematical documents in Japan. We have opend a site for an electronic version of the Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan(JMSJ) in cooperation with Project Euclid based at Cornel University. We will send a subscriber code for JMSJ at Project Euclid to all members of MSJ. Now the copies from vol. 57(1) to vol. 58(3) are in Project Euclid. The copies of vol. 58 are now under open access. But we keep the copies of vol. 57 under access control. From the beginning of the year 2007, we put access control all the copies unless 5 years have passed after publication.

In cooperation with Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST), we have made a digital archive of JMSJ, and put it in the national archive "Journal@rchive" run by JST. All the articles of JMSJ from Vol. 1 to vol. 50 are open to public.