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Spring and Autumn Meetings

The MSJ biannually organizes meetings of its members in spring and in autumn. In both of these meetings approximately 1500 members participate and more than 400 research papers are presented. The Spring Prize of the Society and the Publication Prize are awarded during the spring meeting; the Autumn Prize of the Society, the Takebe Takahiro Prize and the Seki Takakazu Prize are awarded during the autumn meeting. In both occasions the MSJ organizes "Lectures for Citizens" intended for non-professional audience, and holds various symposiums in which participants exchange ideas and express opinions on the role of mathematics and mathematical education.

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Sep 17-10, 2019Kanazawa University
Mar 17-20, 2019Tokyo Institute of Technology
Sep 24-27, 2018Okayama University
Mar 18-21, 2018The University of Tokyo
Sep 11-14, 2017Yamagata University
Mar 24-27, 2017Tokyo Metropolitan University
Sep 15-18, 2016Kansai University
Mar 16-19, 2016University of Tsukuba
Sep 13-16, 2015Kyoto Sangyo University
Mar 21-24, 2015Meiji Univerisity
Sep 25-28, 2014Hiroshima Univerisity
Mar 15-18, 2014Gakushuin Univerisity
Sep 24-27, 2013Ehime Univerisity
Mar 20-23, 2013Kyoto Univerisity
Sep 18-21, 2012Kyushu Univerisity
Mar 26-29, 2012Tokyo University of Science
Sep 28-Oct 1, 2011Shinshu University
Mar 20-23, 2011Waseda University
Sep 22-25, 2010Nagoya University
Mar 24-27, 2010Keio University
Sep 24-27, 2009Osaka University
Mar 26-29, 2009University of Tokyo
Sep 24-27, 2008Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mar 22-26, 2008Kinki University
Sep 21-24, 2007Tohoku University
Mar 27-30, 2007Saitama University
Sep 19-22, 2006Osaka City University
Mar 26-29, 2006Chuo University
Sep 19-22, 2005Okayama University
Mar 27-30, 2005Nihon University
Sep 19-22, 2004Hokkaido University
Mar 28-31, 2004University of Tsukuba
Sep 24-27, 2003Chiba University