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Address by KMS President Prof. Dong Youp SUH
at 2011 MSJ Autumn Meeting

Dear President Miyaoka Yoichi, President of Shinshu University and the members of the Mathematical Society of Japan. It is my great pleasure and honor to be invited to the Fall Conference of the Mathematical Society of Japan. During the conference I had a chance to look into the meeting of the society more carefully, and I really appreciated the quality and the depth of Mathematics in Japan, sincerity of Japanese mathematicians toward research of Mathematics, and professionalism of MSJ. As I had always thought, and I still believe, there are many things that we Korean mathematicians and Korean Mathematical Society should learn from Japan.

As most of you might already know, Korea is hosting 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul. We Koreans will never forget the friendship and the support that Japan had provided to Korean during the bidding process of ICM 2014. Moreover in 2012 Korea is hosting another important international event in Mathematics Educations. Namely, the International Congress of Mathematics Education 2012 will be held in Seoul at the same venue as ICM 2014. These two events are the two major international meetings in Mathematics, and the Japanese mathematical community had already hosted ICM in Kyoto in 1990 and ICME in Tolyo in 2000. We would like to ask your advices, experiences and know-how for the success of these two important international mathematical events.

Let me add one more important pan-Asian mathematical meeting to be held in Busan Korea in 2013. President Miyaoka of MSJ, President Ma Zhiming of Chinese Mathematical Society, President Fidel Nemenzo of South-East Asian Mathematical Society, and myself have agreed to have Asian Mathematical Conference 2013 in Busan Korea, and we are working on the first announcement of the conference. One of the aims for the conference is to organize a pan-Asian mathematical union similar to IMU, and hopefully we would like to inaugurate Asian Mathematical Union after the conference.

In all these international mathematical events, we would like to ask your participations and support. In particular, during ICM2014, many satellite conferences should be held either in Korea or in neighboring countries like Japan, China, or Taiwan. In the sense, I would like to ask MSJ for the collaboration with KMS for hosting satellite conferences for ICM 2014.

The mathematical collaboration and academic exchange between mathematical societies of Japan and Korea is already 7 years old, and I am glad to see that the program is getting more and more fruitful. I hope two societies exchange more mathematicians, and eventually produce more profound and important mathematical result as the consequence of the close tie between the two countries.

Once again on behalf of the Korean Mathematical Society I would like to express my sincere appreciation to President Miyaoka Yoichi and the Mathematical Society of Japan for their warm welcome and hospitality. Thank you very much.