The 2015 MSJ Prize for Exellent Applied Mathematicians

The MSJ Prize for Excellent Young Applied Mathematicians was founded in 2013. The Prize is awarded to those of age below 40 who have obtained outstanding results in the field of Applied Mathematics.

The 2015 prizes were awarded to the following researchers.

Michitaka Furuya (Assistant professor at Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of Science)
Some approaches for comparing rainbow domination numbers
Hideki Murakawa (Assistant professor at Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University)
Mathematics of cell-cell adhesion: experiments, modeling and analysis
Takeshi Gotoda (Ph.D. student at Faculty of science, Kyoto University)
Mathematical Analysis of Enstrophy Dissipation via Triple Collapse of Point Vortices
Harunori Monobe (Research Promoter at Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Properties, Meiji University)
Condition for existence of traveling wave solutions, composed of convex curves, to an interface equation.