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Publications of MSJ

List of Publications

No.15 Shoshichi Kobayashi, Differential Geometry of Complex Vector Bundles, 1987, xii+305 pp. [PDF]
No.14 Ichiro Satake, Algebraic Structures of Symmetric Domains, 1980, xvi+321 pp.
No.13 Gaisi Takeuti, Two Applications of Logic to Mathematics, 1978, viii+138 pp. [PDF]
No.12 Walter L. Baily, Jr., Introductory Lectures on Automorphic Forms, 1973, xv+262 pp.
No.11 Goro Shimura, Introduction to the Arithmetic Theory of Automorphic Functions, 1971, xiv+267 pp.
No.10 Szolem Mandelbrojt, Fonctions Entières et Transformées de Fourier. Application, 1967, vi+61 pp.
No.9 Taro Yoshizawa, Stability Theory by Liapunov's Second Method, 1966, viii+223 pp.
No.8 Teruhisa Matsusaka, Theory of Q-varieties, 1964, x+158 pp.
No.7 Masuo Hukuhara, Toshihusa Kimura et Mme Tizuko Matuda, Équations Différentielles Ordinaires du Premier Ordre dans le Champ Complexe, 1961, viii+155 pp.
No.6 Goro Shimura and Yutaka Taniyama, Complex Multiplication of Abelian Varieties and its Applications to Number Theory, 1961, xi+159 pp.
No.5 Von Carl Ludwig Siegel, Zur Reduktionstheorie Quadratischer Formen, 1959, ix+69 pp.
No.4 Oscar Zariski, Introduction to the Problem of Minimal Models in the Theory of Algebraic Surfaces, 1958, vii+89 pp.
No.3 Paul R. Halmos, Lectures on Ergodic Theory, 1956, vii+99 pp.
No.2 Katsumi Nomizu, Lie Groups and Differential Geometry, 1956, xiv+80 pp.
No.1 Claude Chevalley, The Construction and Study of Certain Important Algebras, 1955, vi+64 pp.