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Vol. 73, No. 4 (October, 2021)

M.Jinzenji; H.Saito Moduli space of quasimaps from \mathbb{P}1 with two marked points to \mathbb{P}(1,1,1,3) and j-invariant 995−1018
T.Aoki; T.Takahashi; M.Tanda The hypergeometric function, the confluent hypergeometric function and WKB solutions 1019−1062
Y.Ogawa Auslander's defects over extriangulated categories: An application for the general heart construction 1063−1089
M.Sobajima; Y.Wakasugi Supersolutions for parabolic equations with unbounded or degenerate diffusion coefficients and their applications to some classes of parabolic and hyperbolic equations 1091−1128
H.Bachmann; Y.Takeyama; K.Tasaka Finite and symmetric Mordell–Tornheim multiple zeta values 1129−1158
T.Melcher Stochastic integrals and Brownian motion on abstract nilpotent Lie groups 1159−1185
Y.Fujishima; K.Ishige Initial traces and solvability of Cauchy problem to a semilinear parabolic system 1187−1219
T.Nakanishi Teichmüller space and the mapping class group of the twice punctured torus 1221−1252
T.Katsura; N.Saito On the multicanonical systems of quasi-elliptic surfaces 1253−1261
Y.Chen On singularities of threefold weighted blowups 1263−1276
S.Kobayashi An upper bound for higher order eigenvalues of symmetric graphs 1277−1287
B.Bode; S.Kamada Knotted surfaces as vanishing sets of polynomials 1289−1322

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