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Vol. 73, No. 3 (July, 2021)

L.Murata On a density property of residual order a (mod pq)
H.Carlsson Estimates of the renewal measure
H.C.Doan Functional calculus of Laplace transform type on non-doubling parabolic manifolds with ends
S.Sarkar; V.Uma Equivariant K-theory of toric orbifolds
A.T.Tran Left orderable surgeries for double twist knots
Y.Nishii; H.Sunagawa; H.Terashita Energy decay for small solutions to semilinear wave equations with weakly dissipative structure
K.Matsumoto; S.Saad Eddin An asymptotic formula for the 2k-th power mean value of |(L′/L)(1+ it0, χ)|
D.Leturcq Generalized Bott–Cattaneo–Rossi invariants of high-dimensional long knots
M.Bernardara Categorical dimension of birational transformations and filtrations of Cremona groups
T.Hattori Diophantine approximation in number fields and geometry of products of symmetric spaces
S.Nakamura Deformation for coupled Kähler–Einstein metrics
T.Suzuki Higher order minimal families of rational curves and Fano manifolds with nef Chern characters
N.Hamada; S.Ichiki Simpliciality of strongly convex problems
Y.Ohyama; M.Sakurai A virtual knot whose virtual unknotting number equals one and a sequence of n-writhes

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