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Vol. 1, No. 2 (July, 1949)
K. Asano Über die Quotientenbildung von Schiefringen 73−78
S. Sasaki A boundary value problem of some special ordinary differential equations of the second order 79−90
H. Iwamoto On integral invariants and Betti numbers of symmetric Riemannian manifolds, I 91−110
T. Kawata and H. Sakamoto On the characterisation of the normal population by the independence of the sample mean and the sample variance 111−115
N. Matsuyama Notes on Fourier analysis, X --- On the summability of Fourier series 116−121
G. Sunouchi Notes on Fourier analysis, XI --- On the absolute summability of Fourier series 122−129
G. Azumaya Galois theory for uni-serial rings 130−146
J. Igusa On the theory of algebraic correspondances and its application to the Riemann hypothesis in function-fields 147−197
J. Igusa On the algebraic geometry of Chevalley and Weil 198−201

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