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Vol. 3, No. 2 (December, 1951)
K. Oka Sur les fonctions analytiques de plusieurs variables, VIII, --- Lemme fondamental (suite) 259−278
T. Saito On the measure-preserving flow on the torus 279−284
A. Mori On Riemann surface on which no bounded harmonic function exists 285−289
G. Sunouchi On the sequence of additive set functions 290−295
S. Yano Notes on Fourier analysis, XXIX --- An extrapolation theorem 296−305
M. Matsumoto Conformally flat Riemann spaces of class one 306−309
Y. Tomonaga A generalization of Laguèrre geometry, II 310−316
H. Takeno Theory of the spherically symmetric space-times, I, --- Characteristic system 317−329
M. Nagata On the theory of radicals in a ring 330−344
J. Igusa Some remarks on the theory of Picard varieties 345−348
Y. Kawada Corrections to my paper : On some properties of a topological group 349

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