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Vol. 4, No. 1 (July, 1952)
M. Osima On the Schur relations for the representations of a Frobenius algebra 1−13
K. Iseki A proof of a transformation formula in the theory of partitions 14−26
A. Mori A remark on the prolongation of Riemann surfaces of finite genus 27−30
M. Tsuji On the remainder term of Nevanlinna's second fundamental theorem 31−36
M. Matsumoto The class number of embedding of the space with projective connection 37−58
Z. Yûjôbô An application of Ahlfor's theory of covering surfaces 59−61
K. Arima On maximum modulus of integral functions 62−66
K. Arima On the zeros of integral functions of integral order 67−69
M. Tsuji Fundamental theorems in potential theory 70−95
S. Kametani An elementary proof of the fundamental theorem of normed fields 96−99
K. Iwasawa and T. Tamagawa Correction : On the group of automorphisms of a function field 100−101

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