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Vol. 5, No. 1 (April, 1953)
T. Ono On the extension property of normed spaces over fields with non-archimedean valuations 1−5
K. Yano On Killing vector fields in a Kaehlerian space 6−12
K. Yamamoto Symbolic methods in the problem of three-line Latin rectangles 13−23
M. Osima Supplementary remarks on the Schur relations for a Frobenius algebra 24−28
H. Nakano Concave modulars 29−49
I. Halperin and H. Nakano Generalized l p spaces and the Schur property 50−58
Y. Tomonaga Note on Betti numbers of Riemannian manifolds, I 59−64
Y. Tomonaga Note on Betti numbers of Riemannian manifolds, II 65−69
M. Kimpara Sur un analogue du théorème de Gauss-Bonnet en géométrie projective différentielle 70−74
M. Tsuji On a direct transcendental singularity of an inverse function of a meromorphic function 75−80
M. Tsuji On the converse of Abel's theorem 81−85
H. Nikaidô On a minimax theorem and its applications to functional analysis 86−94
M. D. Upadhyay On φ-congruences 95−104
S. Murakami Supplements and corrections to my paper : On the automorphisms of a real semi-simple Lie algebra 105−112
T. Suguri Errata : Theory of invariants in the geometry of paths 112

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