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Vol. 5, Nos. 3~4 (November, 1953)
K. Iwasawa A note on Kummer extensions 253−262
A. Mori An imbedding theorem on finite covering surfaces of the Riemann sphere 263−268
Y. Komatu On mixed boundary value problems for functions analytic in a simply-connected domain 269−294
M. Tsuji On lattice points in an n-dimensional ellipsoid 295−306
M. Tsuji On the exceptional set of a certain harmonic function in a unit sphere 307−320
M. Tsuji On criteria for the regularity of Dirichlet problem 321−344
D. Ellis Remarks on Boolean functions 345−350
S. Koshi On Weierstrass-Stone's theorem 351−352
I. Amemiya A generalization of Reisz-Fischer's theorem 353−354
M. Kurita Generalized evolute in Klein spaces 355−364
T. Homma and S. Kinoshita On the regularity of homeomorphisms of En 365−371
T. Kubota and D. Hemmi Some problems of minima concerning the oval 372−389

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