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Vol. 6, No. 1(March, 1954)
T. Kato On the semi-groups generated by Kolmogoroff's differential equations 1−15
T. Tannaka On the normal form of cohomology groups 16−31
M. Tsuji On Royden's theorem on a covering surface of a closed Riemann surface 32−36
Y. Tomonaga Note on Betti numbers of Riemannian manifolds, III 37−39
A. Hattori Inner endomorphisms of an associative algebra 40−44
T. Kandô Characterization of topological spaces by some continuous functions 45−54
T. Kubo Symmetrization and univalent functions in an annulus 55−67
T. Umezawa Star-like theorems and convex-like theorems in an annulus 68−75
N. Iwahori On some matrix operators 76−105
E. Inaba Zur Bildung der auhflösbaren Gruppen 106−113

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