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Vol. 9, No. 2 (April, 1957)
M. Tanaka On the number of prime factors of integers, II 171−191
G. Takeuti Remark on my paper : On Skolem's theorem 192−194
S. Ishihara Groups of projective transformations and groups of conformal transformations 195−227
F. B. Wright A note on one-parameter and monothetic groups 228−233
M. O. Reade On Umezawa's criteria for univalence 234−238
T. Kato On finite-dimensional perturbations of self-adjoint operators 239−249
I. Tamura On Pontrjagin classes and homotopy types of manifolds 250−262
I. Amemiya On the representation of complemented modular lattices 263−279

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