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Vol. 9, No. 4 (October, 1957)
A. Hattori On Prüfer rings 381−385
G. Takeuti Ordinal diagrams 386−394
Y. Kawada Class formations, IV --- Infinite extension of the ground field 395−405
M. Obata Affine connections in a quaternion manifold and transformations preserving the structure 406−416
M. Nakaoka Cohomology mod p of the p-fold symmetric products of spheres 417−427
T. Mitsui On the partitions of a number into the powers of prime numbers 428−447
M. Nisio Note on random Riemann sum 448−451
R. Iwahashi Domains spread on a complex space 452−463
I. Satake The Gauss-Bonnet theorem for V-manifolds 464−492
M. H. Stone The future of mathematics 493−507

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