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Vol. 10, No. 1 (January, 1958)
G. Shimura Correspondances modulaires et les fonctions ζ de courbes algébriques 1−28
I. Tamura Homeomorphy classification of total spaces of sphere bundles over spheres 29−43
G. Takeuti Remark on the fundamental conjecture of GLC 44−45
Y. Furuta A reciprocity law of the power residue symbol 46−54
M. Kiyohara On the local property of the absolute summability |C, α | for Fourier series 55−63
T. Saitô and S. Hori On semigroups with minimal left ideals and without minimal right ideals 64−70
A. Negishi Exact sequences in the Steenrod algebra 71−78
T. Nagano On conformal transformations of Riemannian spaces 79−93
K. Murasugi On the genus of the alternating knot, I 94−105
G. Takeuti On the theory of ordinal numbers, II 106−120

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