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Vol. 10, No. 3 (July, 1958)
K. Murasugi On the genus of the alternating knot, II 235−248
Y. Inoue On cohomology operations of the second kind 249−254
M. O. Reade On Umezawa's criteria for univalence, II 255−259
K. Sakaguchi On functions starlike in one direction 260−271
H. Watanabe and M. Motoo Ergodic property of recurrent diffusion processes 272−286
A. Kino A consistency-proof of a formal theory of Ackermann's ordinal numbers 287−303
S. Sasao On the P-extension of topology 304−306
T. Ono Sur les groupes de Chevalley 307−313
S. Itô and H. Yamabe A unique continuation theorem for solutions of a parabolic differential equation 314−321
T. Tatuzawa On the Waring problem in an algebraic number field 322−341

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