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Vol. 12, No. 1 (January, 1960)
T. Nagano and T. Takahashi Homogeneous hypersurfaces in euclidean spaces 1−7
I. Tamura Characteristic classes of 2-fold symmetric products of spheres 8−15
K. Iwasawa On local cyclotomic fields 16−21
M. Ishida On congruence L-series 22−33
Y. Kawada Class formulations, V --- Infinite extension of the p-adic field or the rational field 34−64
A. Hattori On fundamental exact sequences 65−80
S. Iseki On some partition functions 81−88
K. Yano and T. Takahashi Some remarks on Einstein spaces and spaces of constant curvature 89−96
G. Teeka Rao Superposability of the equations of magneto-hydrodynamics 97−103
H. Tamano Some properties of the Stone-Čech compactification 104−117

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