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Vol. 13, No. 1 (January, 1961)
T. Nishimura On Gödel's theorem 1−12
S. Kurepa A property of a set of positive measure and its application 13−19
M. Takahashi On the stable cohomology groups of certain Postnikov complexes 20−37
R. M. Smullyan Elementary formal systems 38−44
K. Akô On the Dirichlet problem for quasi-linear elliptic differential equations of the second order 45−62
Y. Nakai On the theory of differentials in commutative rings 63−84
A. Hattori On certain characteristic subgroups of a finite group 85−93
S. Matsuura On general systems of partial differential operators with constant coefficients 94−103
V. F. Cowling and W. C. Royster Some applications of the Weierstrass mean value theorem 104−108

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