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Vol. 14, No. 3 (July, 1962)
S. Sasaki and Y. Hatakeyama On differentiable manifolds with contact metric structures 249−271
T. Miyata, T. Oda and K. Otsuka Closedness of some subgroups in linear algebraic groups 272−275
M. Ishida On groups of automorphisms of algebraic varieties 276−283
S. Endo On flat modules over commutative rings 284−291
I. Tamura Differentiable 7-manifolds with a certain homotopy type 292−299
S. S. Rangachari Abelian varieties attached to automorphic forms 300−311
K. Sakaguchi A note on p-valent functions 312−321
D. C. Rung Results on the order of holomorphic functions defined in the unit disk 322−332
M. Obata Certain conditions for a Riemannian manifold to be iosometric with a sphere 333−340
T. Saeki Affine transformations in a differentiable manifold with Π-structure 341−349

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