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Vol. 15, No. 1 (January, 1963)
K. Kasahara On irreducibility of an analytic set 1−8
T. Ono Local theory in function analysis 9−30
A. K.Mookhopadhyaya A note on a theorem of S. Kurepa 31−32
G. Shimura Arithmetic of alternating forms and quaternion hermitian forms 33−65
M. O. Reade On the partial sums of certain Laurent expansions 66−68
S. Sasao and I. Tamura Classification of SO(n)-bundles over the quaternion projective plane 69−74
Y. Hinohara Projective modules over weakly noetherian rings 75−88
S. Konno On Artin's L-functions of the algebraic curves uniformized by certain automorphic functions 89−100

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