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Vol. 15, No. 2 (April, 1963)
M. Yasugi Intuitionistic analysis and Gödel's interpretation 101−112
J. Lamperti and J. L. Snell Martin boundaries for certain Markov chains 113−128
R. M. Smullyan Pseudo-uniform reducibility 129−133
C. Teleman Sur les groupes des mouvements d'un espace de Riemann 134−158
H. Hijikata A remark on the groups of type G2 and F4 159−164
H. Hijikata Hasse's principle on quaternionic anti-hermitian forms 165−175
G. Takeuti and A. Kino On predicates with constructive infinitely long expressions 176−190
N. Sone Univalent functions and non-convex domains 191−201
K. Sakaguchi A representation theorem for a certain class of regular functions 202−209
I. Satake On the theory of reductive algebraic groups over a perfect field 210−235

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