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Vol. 15, No. 4 (October, 1963)
W. L. Baily, Jr. On the moduli of Abelian varieties with multiplications 367−386
M. Suzuki On the existence of a Hall normal subgroup 387−391
T. Ono On the field of definition of Borel subgroups of semi-simple algebraic groups 392−395
T. Fuji'i'e On weak boundary components of a Riemann surface 396−403
A. Hattori Semisimple algebras over a commutative ring 404−419
A. Morimoto On normal almost contact structures 420−436
J. Kajiwara Note on holomorphically convex complex spaces 437−442
R. Fujita Domaines sans point critique intérieur sur l'espace projectif complexe 443−473
Y. Hinohara Supplement to "Projective modules over weakly noetherian rings" 474−475

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