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Vol. 16, No. 2 (April, 1964)
H. Watanabe Potential operator of a recurrent strong Feller process in the strict sense and boundary value problem 83−95
Y. Tomonaga On Pontrjagin classes modulo q 96−101
S. Arima Differential forms of the first and second kind on modular algebraic varieties 102−108
J. Takeuchi On the sample paths of the symmetric stable processes in spaces 109−127
K. Shiga Some aspects of real-analytic manifolds and differentiable manifolds 128−142
R. Matsukawa 4-connected differentiable 11-manifolds with certain homotopy types 143−158
A. Takeuchi Domaines pseudoconvexes infinis et la métrique riemannienne dans un espace projectif 159−181
W. L. Baily, Jr. A correction to "On the molduli of Abelian varieties with multiplications" 182

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