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Vol. 17, No. 1 (January, 1965)
T. Hayashida and M. Nishi Existence of curves of genus two on a product of two elliptic curves 1−16
D. Sato and E. G. Straus On the rate of growth of Hurwitz functions of a complex or p-adic variable 17−29
S. E. Dickson On torsion classes of Abelian groups 30−35
J. Kajiwara On the limit of a monotonous sequence of Cousin's domains 36−46
J. M. Mordeson and B. Vinograde Extension of certain subfields to coefficient fields in commutative algebras 47−51
H. Fujimoto Vector-valued holomorphic functions on a complex space 52−66
M. Fukawa An extension theorem on valuations 67−71
S. Titani An algebraic formulation of cut-elimination theorem 72−83
S. Kobayashi and T. Nagano On a fundamental theorem of Weyl-Cartan on G-structures 84−101

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