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Vol. 17, No. 2 (April, 1965)
N. Tanaka On the equivalence problems associated with a certain class of homogeneous spaces 103−139
R. Kurata Recursive progression of intuitionistic number theories 140−166
S. Tanno Almost complex structures in bundle spaces over almost contact manifolds 167−186
S. Sasao An example for the theorem of W. Browder 187−193
H. Nomoto A study concerning Blackwell's example in Markov chain theory 194−206
N. Iwahori and T. Kondo A criterion for the existence of a non-trivial partition of a finite group with applications to finite reflection groups 207−215
K. Shiga Correction to : "Some aspects of real-analytic manifolds and differentiable manifolds" 216−217

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