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Vol. 18, No. 2 (April, 1966)
M. Kurita Theory of Finsler spaces based on the contact structure 119−134
T. Kambe The structure of KΛ-rings of the lens space and their applications 135−146
H. Omori Some examples of topological groups 147−153
J. W. Neuberger An exponential formula for one-parameter semi-groups of nonlinear transformations 154−157
K. Nagami A normal space Z with ind Z=0, dim Z=1, Ind Z=2 158−165
T. Ishii On product spaces and product mappings 166−181
M. Miwa On Mordell's conjecture for algebraic curves over function fields 182−188
T. Ochiai On the automorphism group of a G-structure 189−193
K. Yano and S. Kobayashi Prolongations of tensor fields and connections to tangent bundles, I --- General theory 194−210
K. Katô Sur le théorème de P. Thullen et K. Stein 211−218

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