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Vol. 18, No. 3 (July, 1966)
Y. Ihara On discrete subgroups of the two by two projective linear group over p-adic fields 219−235
K. Yano and S. Kobayashi Prolongations of tensor fields and connections to tangent bundles, II --- Infinitesimal automorphisms 236−246
Y. Furuta The notion of restricted ideles with application to some extension fields, II 247−252
H.-J. Glaeske Eine asymptotische Funktionalgleichung für eine Funktion eines ebenen Halbgitters 253−266
D. Fujiwara A characterisation of exponential distribution semi-groups 267−274
U. Shukla A cohomology for Lie algebras 275−289
M. Hasegawa On contraction semi-groups and (di)-operators 290−302
G. Maruyama Transformations of flows 303−330

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