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Vol. 19, No. 1 (January, 1967)
M. Miyanishi On the extensions of linear groups by abelian varieties over a field of positive characteristic p 1−29
T. Nagano A problem on the existence of an Einstein metric 30−31
H. Omori A study of transformation groups on manifolds 32−45
M. Kanda Regular points and Green functions in Markov processes 46−69
J. Hashimoto On meromorphisms and congruence relations 70−81
K. Masuda On the exponential decay of solutions for some partial differential equations 82−90
K. Yano and E. M. Patterson Vertical and complete lifts from a manifold to its cotangent bundle 91−113
T. Kubota Topological covering of SL(2) over a local field 114−121

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