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Vol. 19, No. 3 (July, 1967)
S. Ihara Holomorphic imbeddings of symmetric domains 261−302
K. Harada Groups with a certain type of Sylow 2-subgroups 303−307
S. Tanno Harmonic forms and Betti numbers of certain contact Riemannian manifolds 308−316
M. Okumura Totally umbilical submanifolds of a Kaehlerian manifold 317−327
Y. Tashiro and K. Miyashita Conformal transformations in complete product Riemannian manifolds 328−346
K. Namba On \aleph_0-complete cardinals 347−358
G. Maruyama A singular flow with countable Lebesgue spectrum 359−365
H. Komatsu Projective and injective limits of weakly compact sequences of locally convex spaces 366−383
K. Ono Reduction of logics to the primitive logic 384−398

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