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Vol. 20, No. 3 (July, 1968)
K. Sato On the generators of non-negative contraction semigroups in Banach lattices 423−436
J. R. Dorroh Some classes of semi-groups of nonlinear transformations and their generators 437−455
A. Kino On provably recursive functions and ordinal recursive functions 456−476
E. G. K. Lopez-Escobar Well-orderings and finite quantifiers 477−489
Y. Kodama Note on cohomological dimension for non-compact spaces, II 490−497
K. Nomizu and B. Smyth Differential geometry of complex hypersurfaces, II 498−521
T. Shintani On certain square-integrable irreducible unitary representations of some p-adic linear groups 522−565

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