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Vol. 21, No. 4 (October, 1969)
D. Fujiwara On the asymptotic behaviour of the Green operators for elliptic boundary problems and the pure imaginary powers of some second order operators 481−522
M. Kato Geometrical operations of Whitehead groups 523−542
S. Ramanujan On Stiefel manifolds 543−548
S. Saeki Spectral synthesis for the Kronecker sets 549−563
N. Motohashi On normal operations on models 564−573
H. Harui On injective modules 574−583
M. Miwa Galois cohomology and birational invariant of algebraic varieties 584−603
S. Kawai On compact complex analytic manifolds of complex dimension 3, II 604−616
Y. Morita Hecke polynomials of modular groups and congruence zeta functions of fibre varieties 617−637
N. Sasakura Periods of rational forms on certain elliptic surfaces 638−671

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