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Vol. 22, No. 4 (October, 1970)
Y. H. Rhie and G. Whaples Hecke operators in cohomology of groups 431−442
M. G. Crandall Differential equations on convex sets 443−455
N. Ishikawa Multiplications in cohomology theories with coefficient maps 456−489
N. Motohashi A theorem in the theory of definition 490−494
K. Ogiue On complex hypersurfaces of the complex projective space, II 495−498
S. Kobayashi and T. Ochiai On complex manifolds with positive tangent bundles 499−525
S. Oharu On the generation of semigroups of nonlinear contractions 526−550
M. Hitsuda and A. Shimizu The central limit theorem for additive functionals of Markov processes and the weak convergence to Wiener measure 551−566
T. Kamae Spectrum of a substitution minimal set 567−578
S. Tanno On the isometry groups of Sasakian manifolds 579−590

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