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Vol. 24, No. 1 (January, 1972)
B. F. Nebres Herbrand uniformity theorems for infinitary languages 1−19
T. Shioda On elliptic modular surfaces 20−59
H. Omori Local structures of groups of diffeomorphisms 60−88
T. Otsuki Minimal submanifolds with m-index 2 and generalized Veronese surfaces 89−122
M. S. Putcha and A. Yaqub Structure of rings satisfying certain polynomial identities 123−127
H. Allen and C. Belna Non-normal functions f(z) with ∫∫|z|<1 f' (z)dxdy<∞ 128−131
T. Shintani On Dirichlet series whose coefficients are class numbers of integral binary cubic forms 132−188

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