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Vol. 25, No. 3 (July, 1973)
Y. Oka Uniformly hyperfinite algebras and locally compact transformation groups 357−362
I. Nakamura and K. Ueno An addition formula for Kodaira dimensions of analytic fibre bundles whose fibre are Moišezon manifolds 363−371
E. Horikawa On deformations of holomorphic maps, I 372−396
S. Endô and T. Miyata Quasi-permutation modules over finite groups 397−421
H. Shima On homogeneous Kähler manifolds of solvable Lie groups 422−445
J. Watanabe On certain nonlinear evolution equations 446−463
M. Nagase On the asymptotic behavior of resolvent kernels for elliptic operators 464−475
Y. Motohashi On the representations of an integer as a sum of two squares and a product of four factors 475−505
S. Saeki On restriction algebras of tensor algebras 506−522
G. Shimura On the factors of the jacobian variety of a modular function field 523−544
K. Katayama A supplement to my paper "On zeta-theta functions" (J. Math. Soc. Japan, 24 (1972), 307−332) 545−546

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