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Vol. 26, No. 3 (July, 1974)
A. Mizuhara On homogeneous PN-bundles over an abelian variety 377−388
I. Miyadera Generation of semi-groups of nonlinear contractions 389−404
Y. Kato Mixed-type boundary conditions for second order elliptic differential equations 405−432
K. Maruo Integral equation associated with some non-linear evolution equation 433−439
Y. Hirashita Periodicity and inequality 440−446
K. Uchida Class numbers of cubic cyclic fields 447−453
M. Kato A classification of simple spinnable structures on a 1-connected Alexander manifold 454−463
M. Saito Représentations unitaires monomiales d'un groupe discret, en particulier du groupe modulaire 464−482
M. Nakai Martin boundary over an isolated singularity of rotation free density 483−507
M. Ise On Thullen domains and Hirzebruch manifolds, I 508−522
Y. Tsuno On the prolongation of local holomorphic solutions of partial differential equations 523−548
K. Gomi A characterization of the groups PSL(3, 2n) and PSp(4, 2n) 549−574

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