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Vol. 26, No. 4 (October, 1974)
T. Oshima On the global existence of solutions of systems of linear differential equations with constant coefficients 575−586
K. Shiga Cohomology of Lie algebras over a manifold, II 587−607
A. Inoue Wave and scattering operators for an evolving system d/dt-iA(t) 608−624
S. Nishikawa Compact two-transnormal hypersurfaces in a space of constant curvature 625−635
Y. Kodama On the shape of decomposition spaces 636−646
E. Horikawa On deformations of holomorphic maps, II 647−667
S. Kobayashi On the l-class rank in some algebraic number fields 668−676
G. Gras Sur les l-classes d'idéaux des extensions non galoisiennes de Q de degré premier impair l a clôture galoisienne diédrale de degré 2l 677−685
Y. Mutō Curvature and critical Riemannian metric 686−697
S. Endô and T. Miyata Quasi-permutation modules over finite groups, II 698−714
K. Sakamoto The Seifert matrices of Milnor fiberings defined by holomorphic functions 714−721
T. T. Moh On the unboundedness of generators of prime ideals in power series rings of three variables 722−734
K. Iyanaga Cusps of certain symmetric bounded domains 735−769

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