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Vol. 28, No. 3 (July, 1976)
T. Yoshida An odd characterization of some simple groups 415−420
M. Ozeki Note on the positive definite integral quadratic lattice 421−446
E. Bannai Fundamental groups of the spaces of regular orbits of the finite unitary reflection groups of dimension 2 447−454
K. Katayama On the values of ray-class L-functions for real quadratic fields 455−482
D. Fujiwara A construction of fundamental solution of Schrödinger's equation on the sphere 483−505
K. Masuda Homomorphism of the Lie algebras of vector fields 506−528
Y. Maeda On real hypersurfaces of a complex projective space 529−540
G. Karpilovsky On linearizable irreducible projective representations of finite groups 541−549
Ma. Kato Complex structures on S1×S5 550−576
P. Kiernan and S. Kobayashi Comments on Satake compactification and the great Picard theorem 577−580
M. Nakai Extremizations and Dirichlet integrals on Riemann surfaces 581−603

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