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Vol. 28, No. 4 (October, 1976)
K. Watanabe The Levi problem for the product space of a Stein space and a compact Riemann surface 605−610
Y. Tsuno On the prolongation of local holomorphic solutions of partial differential equations, III --- Equations of the Fuchsian type 611−616
K. Uchida Isomorphisms of Galois groups 617−620
K. Sato A class of Markov chains related to selection in population genetics 621−637
H. Nakagawa and R. Takagi On locally symmetric Kaehler submanifolds in a complex projective space 638−667
A. J. Ledger and R. B. Pettitt Classification of metrisable regular s-manifolds with integrable symmetry tensor field 668−675
A. Pizer On the arithmetic of quaternion algebras, II 676−688
A. Pizer The representability of modular forms by theta series 689−698
M. Nakada Cohomology of finitely generated Kleinian groups with an invariant component 699−711
A. Kuribayashi On the equations of compact Riemann surfaces of genus 3 and the generalized Teichmüller spaces 712−736
M. Hikari On finite multiplicative subgroups of simple algebras of degree 2 737−748
H. Fujita and A. Mizutani On the finite element method for parabolic equations, I --- Approximation of holomorphic semi-groups 749−771
Y. Motohashi On some additive divisor problems 772−784

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