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Vol. 29, No. 1 (January, 1977)
T. Akamatsu On a parametrix in some weak sense of a first order linear partial differential operator with two independent variables 1−27
A. Majeed Freeness of the group <an, bn> for some integer n, a, bSL(2, C) 29−33
T. Morimoto On the intransitive Lie algebras whose transitive parts are infiniteand primitive 35−65
T. Matumoto On the signature invariants of a non-singular complex sesquilinear form 67−71
S. Kawamura and J. Tomiyama On subdiagonal algebras associated with flows in operator algebras 73−90
K. Takeuchi Arithmetic triangle groups 91−106
M. Nakai and S. Segawa Harmonic dimensions related to Dirichlet integrals 107−121
F. Hiai and R. Satō Mean ergodic theorems for semigroups of positive linear operators 123−134
Y. Sakane On compact complex affine manifolds 135−149
Y. Ōshima On a construction of a recurrent potential kernel by means of time change and killing 151−159
M. Goto On an integer associated with an algebraic group 161−163
T. Shintani On irreducible unitary characters of a certain group extension of GL(2, C) 165−188

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