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Vol. 29, No.3 (July, 1977)
A. Kaneko On the singular spectrum of boundary values of real analytic solutions 385−398
H. Kumano-go Fundamental solutions for operators of regularly hyperbolic type 399−406
K. Kobayashi, T. Shirao and H. Tanaka On the growing up problem for semilinear heat equations 407−424
N. Kawanaka On the irreducible characters of the finite unitary groups 425−450
S. Machado and J. B. Prolla Concerning the bounded case of the Bernstein-Nachbin approximation problem 451−458
M. Takeuchi Groups of algebras over AĀ 459−492
Y. Mutō Riemannian submersions and critical Riemannian metrics 493−511
T. Nishimura and T. Ohya The formal system for various 3-valued logics, II 513−527
H. Shiga On the automorphism of C2 with invariant axes 529−535
B. Wegner Analytic approximation of continuous ovals of constant width 537−540
T. Kusano and H. Onose Nonlinear oscillation of second order functional differential equations with advanced argument 541−559
Y. Kimura The nullity of compact Kähler submanifolds in a complex projective space 561−580
H. Shima Symmetric spaces with invariant locally Hessian structures 581−589

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