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Vol. 30, No. 1 (January, 1978)
Y. Katayama Remarks on conditional expectations in von Neumann algebra 1−6
Y. Miyashita Non-singular bilinear maps which come from some positively filtered rings 7−14
K. Taniguchi An elementary proof of the generalized form of Poincaré's inequality 15−22
S. Itoh and W. Takahashi and K. Yanagi Variational inequalities and complementarity problems 23−28
T. Yamada Induced characters of some 2-groups 29−37
M. Itoh On curvature properties of Kähler C-spaces 39−71
T. Itoh Addendum to : "On Veronese manifolds" (J. Math. Soc. Japan, 27 (1975), no. 3, 497−506) 73−74
A. G. Kartsatos Perturbations of M-accretive operators and quasi-linear evolution equations 75−84
Y. Mutō The Gauss map of a submanifold in a Euclidean space 85−100
Y. Kodama Fine movability 101−116
T. Oshima A realization of Riemannian symmetric spaces 117−132
H. Fukushima Weakly closed cyclic 2-groups in finite groups 133−137
T. Shintani On certain ray class invariants of real quadratic fields 139−167
T. Kato and K. Masuda Trotter's product formula for nonlinear semigroups generated by the subdifferentials of convex functionals 169−178

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