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Vol. 30, No. 2 (April, 1978)
S. Goto and K. Watanabe On graded rings, I 179−213
Y. Hiramine On transitive groups in which the maximal number of fixed points of involutions is five 215−235
F. Halter-Koch and N. Moser Sur le nombre de classes de certaines extensions métacycliques sur Q ou sur un corps quadratique imaginaire 237−248
H. Hida On the values of Hecke's L-functions at non-positive integers 249−278
B. Oriat Sur la divisibilité par 8 et 16 des nombres de classes d'idéaux des corps quadratiques Q(\sqrt{2p}) et Q(\sqrt{-2p}) 279−285
T. Fujiwara A variation of Lyndon-Keisler's homomorphism theorem and its applications to interpolation theorems 287−302
H. Nagai On an optimal stopping problem and a variational inequality 303−312
H. Miki On Grunwald-Hasse-Wang's theorem 313−325
Y. Morimoto On the hypoellipticity for infinitely degenerate semi-elliptic operators 327−358
M. Nakai and S. Segawa T\^{o}ki covering surfaces and their applications 359−373

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