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Vol. 30, No. 4 (October, 1978)
M. Oka On the fundamental group of the complement of certain plane curves 579−597
M. Oka and K. Sakamoto Product theorem of the fundamental group of a reducible curve 599−602
H. Kitada Scattering theory for Schrödinger operators with long-range potentials, II --- Spectral and scattering theory 603−632
A. Inoue On a mixed problem for ∉ with a discontinuous boundary condition, II --- An example of moving boundary 633−651
S. Fukuhara On the invariant for a certain type of involutions of homology 3-spheres and its application 653−665
A. Inoue Lp-spaces and maximal unbounded Hilbert algebras 667−686
K. S. Sarkaria A finiteness theorem for foliated manifolds 687−696
M. Ochiai Homeomorphisms on a three-dimensional handle 697−702
T. Sekiguchi On the cubics defining abelian varieties 703−721
T. Kanzaki Notes on Hermitian forms over a ring 723−735
S. Kondo Zero-divisors of character rings of finite groups 737−746
M. Nakao A difference inequality and its application to nonlinear evolution equations 747−762
K. Ohta On the p-class groups of a Galois number field and its subfields 763−770
M. Goto On a class of type I solvable Lie groups, I 771−778
T. Fujita On Kähler fiber spaces over curves 779−794

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