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Vol. 31, No. 1 (January, 1979)
K. Izuchi Convolution powers of singular-symmetric measures 1−6
K. Hatada On the values at rational integers of the p-adic Dirichlet L functions 7−27
Y. Hashimoto On the deficiencies of algebroid functions 29−37
M. Kurata Markov partitions of hyperbolic sets 39−51
M. Fujita Banach algebra structure in Fourier spaces and generalization of harmonic analysis on locally compact groups 53−67
T. Matsuda On the equivariant self-homotopy equivalences of spheres 69−83
T. T. Moh and W. J. Heinzer A generalized Lüroth theorem for curves 85−86
B. Rodin and S. E. Warschawski Extremal length and univalent functions, II --- Integral estimates of strip mappings 87−99
H. Katsurada Generalized Hasse-Witt invariants and unramified Galois extensions of an algebraic function field 101−125
H. Kitada Asymptotic behavior of some oscillatory integrals 127−140
T. Ono and H. Yamaguchi On Hasse principle for division of quadratic forms 141−159
S. Endo and Y. Hironaka Finite groups with trivial class groups 161−174
M. Goto On a class of type I solvable Lie groups, II 175−180
M. Hamana Injective envelopes of C*-algebras 181−197
E. Bannai and R. M. Damerell Tight spherical designs, I 199−207
H. Urakawa On the least positive eigenvalue of the Laplacian for compact group manifolds 209−226

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