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Vol. 32, No. 3 (July, 1980)
R. Sato Two local ergodic theorems on L{\infty } 415−423
M. Jarden and P. Roquette The Nullstellensatz over p-adically closed fields 425−460
Y. Yamasaki On misère Nim-type games 461−475
M. Takeuchi On extensions of Lie algebras by algebras 477−515
M. Kawamura A remark on inhomogeneity of Picard principle 517−519
O. R. Abib Équations de Lie et fibrations 521−529
Y. Mutō Submanifolds of a Euclidean space with homothetic Gauss map 531−555
R. Sakai Approximation problem restricted by an incidence matrix 557−585
T. Tada On a criterion of Picard principle for rotation-free densities 587−592

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