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Vol. 33, No. 1 (January, 1981)
G. Takeuti and M. Yasugi An accessibility proof of ordinal diagrams 1−21
H. Wakakuwa Nonexistence of irreducible birecurrent Riemannian manifold of dimension ≥ 3 23−29
Y. Doi Homological coalgebra 31−50
R. Sakai Approximation of certain classes of periodic functions with many variables 51−65
K. Yano and H. Hiramatu Isometry of Kaehlerian manifolds to complex projective spaces 67−78
H. Wu Some theorems on projective hyperbolicity 79−104
U. V. Satyanarayana and M. L. Weiss Restricted principal values of bounded analytic and harmonic functions 105−123
T. Arakawa The dimension of the space of cusp forms on the Siegel upper half plane of degree two related to a quaternion unitary group 125−145
T. Kaneto On presentations of the fundamental group of the 3-sphere associated with Heegaard diagrams 147−158
M. Hamana Regular embeddings of C*-algebras in monotone complete C* -algebras 159−183

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