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Vol. 33, No. 2 (April, 1981)
T. Exarchakos LA-groups 185−190
Y. Sato On infinite-dimensional unitary representations of certain discrete groups 191−202
P. F. Stiller Differential equations associated with elliptic surfaces 203−233
N. Takigawa Weierstrass points on compact Riemann surfaces with nontrivial automorphisms 235−246
A. Kodama On generalized Siegel domains with exponent (c1, c2, …, cs) 247−259
N. Ejiri A negative answer to a conjecture of conformal transformations of Riemannian manifolds 261−266
Y. Sakane and M. Takeuchi On defining equations of symmetric submanifolds in complex projective spaces 267−279
T. Kawashima Some remarks on Lagrangian imbeddings 281−294
K. Kawakubo Compact Lie group actions and fiber homotopy type 295−321
R. Sasaki Bounds on the degree of the equations defining Kummer varieties 323−333
H. Kesten and Y. Ogura Recurrence properties of Lotka-Volterra models with random fluctuations 335−366

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