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Vol. 34, No. 3 (July, 1982)
Y. Tsuno Integral representation of an analytic functional 379−391
H. Kojima On construction of Siegel modular forms of degree two 393−412
S. Ishii Linear evolution equations du/dt+A(t)u=0 : a case where A(t) is strongly uniform-measurable 413−424
K. Komiya Equivariant embeddings and isotopies of a sphere in a representation 425−444
T. Tada The role of boundary Harnack principle in the study of Picard principle 445−453
S. Ozawa Hadamard's variation of the Green kernels of heat equations and their traces, I 455−473
T. Takahashi Good reduction of elliptic modules 475−487
N. Yanagihara Exceptional values for meromorphic solutions of some difference equations 489−499
T. Kobayashi Note on γ-dimension and products of real projective spaces 501−505
M. Itō Weak L-spaces are free L-spaces 507−514
K. Miyake On the units of an algebraic number field 515−525
H. Fujimoto On meromorphic maps into a compact complex manifold 527−539
M. Oka On the topology of the Newton boundary, III 541−549
N. Motohashi An axiomatization theorem 551−560

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